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Dicolor Australia are specialists in the LED BIG screen industry.

Firstly, our experienced staff listen to your needs and tailor make a solution that generates the ‘exactly what I was looking for’ feeling.

Furthermore, we have partnered with one of the world’s leading LED manufacturers – Dicolor Optoelectronics Co. Ltd. – to develop an extensive product range that caters for outdoor advertising, indoor displays, indoor and outdoor rental, traffic management, LED dance floors and many more options to communicate your message.

To date, our outdoor applications span sporting events, hotels, nightclubs, Universities, festivals, concerts and even traffic management.

Outdoor LED signs are the ultimate display tool.

With an IP65 weather rating and excellent clarity, there is no better way to convey your message and attract attention.

For instance, when it comes to indoor applications, we’ve assisted with everything from sports centre scoreboards and shopping centre displays, through to chain stores and even corporate advertising campaigns.

Similarly, our screens can be engineered to suit a wide range of purposes and we are able to create custom panels including curves and cubes to display your big screen video.

Experience what Dicolor Australia LED technology can provide for your business.

To sum it up…LED…more than just a big screen.


At Dicolor Australia, we recognise the products provided by our company have the potential for negative impacts on the environment and therefor we have partnered with companies that strive to be a regenerative business and give back to the earth.

In addition, we research, provide and install innovative products that continue to help with the reduction of impact on the environment.

Likewise, our fleet of vehicles have been chosen for their low carbon emissions and  upon installation, we clean up and recycle all waste and packaging.

We utilise screen brightness controls and automatic off when not in use to lower the power consumption of all our screen installations.

Wherever possible, we choose to support local companies to continue to encourage economic growth in Australia.

Our Staff


Daryl Simmons


Tim Ward

National Sales Manager

Glen Aikman

Operations & Marketing Manager

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